National Hot Dog Day Special

The Crown at Bray Hot Dog

Wednesday – 18th July

Conjuring magical days of summer festivals, amusement parks and BBQs with friends, the Hot Dog has a special place in all our hearts. This sensational street food is simple, yet salivatingly good – the meaty sausage sandwiched between the soft white finger bun, served with your favourite sauces and, if you’re Heston, you can’t resist a sprinkling of crispy shallots for that additional sweet crunch.

In honour of this distinguished day, we will be serving a complimentary side of Fries to all who choose the BBQ hot dog from our Garden Menu on Wednesday 18th July.

Hot Dog, Dill Pickled Cucumber & Crispy Shallots + Complimentary Fries. 

We look forward to celebrating National Hot Dog Day with you!