This April at The Crown at Bray

April’s full moon is called the ‘Budding’ or ‘New Shoots Moon’.

With this we finally see the arrival
of Spring growth…

Ramson’s foraged locally become a warming soup, and as the month progresses

Sprouting Broccoli & Asparagus arrive.

An Easter Terrine of Smoked Ham, with Rabbit and Poached Leek
leads to us mentioning we will be open throughout the
Bank Holiday Weekend.

We will be pairing Bergamot Cured Salmon with our Gin & Tea aperitif.

Sea Trout with Clams & Sea Vegetable Broth will bring the
Spring Tides from our shores.

And a return of our Lamb Hot Pot Potatoes,
that look good enough to eat on their own…
(or with Cumbrian Rump of Lamb, peas mint & Romaine !!)